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એક કાવ્ય

હું લઈ જાઉં બુધ્ધિશક્તિ જીભ અને ગાલ
કોઈકે કહ્યું, પણ ઉસેટ્યું મારૂ હાર્દ.

આપણે અરવમાં અચરજ પામ્યા,આખું તન
ફરી વળ્યા,આપણા વિચાર આપણામાં

રાખી.બીજી સવારે પર્વત ચઢ્યા
ખોરાક શોધવા,મળ્યું અખાદ્ય.

પછી આપણે હણી નિરપરાધતા.
અમેં છાંડ્યા મગજ જીવ્હા અને ગાલ
અણીશુધ્ધ,  ગ્રહ્યું હાર્દ.

I take the brains the tongue and the cheeks,
one said, but I throw away the heart.

We were stunned into silence, went over the rest
of the body, keeping our thoughts to

ourselves. Climbed up the mountain next morning
to look for food, found inedible.

Then we slaughtered innocence.
We left brains tongue and cheeks
intact, took the heart.

© 2014, Hester Knibbe
© Translation: 2014, Willem Groenewegen
First published on Poetry International, 2015

Nederlands ►
On 28 January 2015, in an at-capacity ceremony at the Kunsthal in Rotterdam, Hester Knibbe’s collection Archaïsch de dieren (Archaic the Animals) was announced as the winner of VSB Poetry Prize, the top Dutch-language poetry prize. Prize jury chairman Peter Vandermeersch, Editor-in-chief of the NRC Handelsblad, presented her with the award, which includes 25,000 euros, a glass sculpture by Maria Roosen, and an invitation to this year’s Poetry International Festival. Also in attendance at the ceremony were Knibbe’s fellow nominees: Piet Gerbrandy, Sasja Janssen, Alfred Schaffer and Peter Verhelst.N


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